New technologies

We live in a time where new technologies are being developed in difficult economic conditions. As a result business owners look for different options not only to stay afloat but also to develop and succeed.

Many business owners make decisions in favor of office equipment made by unknown manufacturers or brands which are either poorly represented or entirely absent from our market. As a result they face problems when it comes to installation, calibration and further maintenance of these printers.

Every member of VAU-PRINT technical staff is an experienced and certified hands-on engineer with expertise and passion in solving difficult problems. Their experience in electronics, mechanics, polygraphy and other related fields allows them to work with the equipment of different manufacturers. They can install, calibrate and maintain both small office printers and industrial printing systems.

If you want to buy a printing machine, but you have doubts about whether the printer you chose is the one that suits you, please contact us and together with our expert you will do feasibility study on its purchase options and operation possibility.

If you have already bought a printer but it can’t be adapted to your business processes, please contact us and we will make every effort to help you update your office or bring innovation into your business.


HP introduces a new generation of printing A3-size devices.
The new models provide an unprecedented level of safety, minimum downtime and affordable color printing.
16 platforms of the new generation A3, based on HP LaserJet technology and HP PageWide istolzovaniem with the most innovative solutions in the field of printing.
Cloud Solutions HP Smart Device Services, allows you to minimize downtime and optimize printing processes.
Integrated world-class protection, including the identification of threats in real time and automatic monitoring.