Refilling cartridges.

"VAU-PRINT" team is of the opinion that only genuine printer consumables ensure the best possible performance and reliability of your equipment.

What should one do if hard times set financial limits and restrictions?

Business always has to adapt to changes in market dynamics. Both big and small companies have to seek ways to cut costs. Cost reduction on office supplies helps you to save money in your business.

There are several cost-cutting options.
The first one is using non-genuine cartridges at lower prices. But do not choose the cheapest option. Non-genuine cartridges might give a poor quality printing or even cause damage to your machine.
The second option - is filling and restoration of original cartridges. In that case you might appear to be confronted with the same problems. Cheap refilled cartridge installed by inexperienced specialists might disable you printing equipment.

A logical question arises - what to do?

Our company constantly monitors the market, examines it and adapts to it. We are ready to share our experience with you.
We can say with confidence that only high-quality technical support can ensure durable and high-quality performance of your equipment.
When providing technical support to our customers we not only monitor the operational condition of the equipment, but also analyze printing types and conditions of each separate customer site. It helps us to choose the best option for replacing or refilling original cartridges, checking print cartridge levels using and prompt troubleshooting and repairing office equipment. As a result we can extend the life of your office equipment.

We use an individual approach to each client and choose the best option for maintenance of each machine.
Providing a monthly service support (more often is possible if necessary), we can guarantee that by selecting the option for filling or replacement of original cartridges with non-original your equipment will function accurately and reliably.