Remote support.

Nowadays development of new technologies has increased.
More and more new high-tech gadgets and devices are produced.
Communication systems are also not standing still. If earlier telephone was a luxury and not everyone could afford it, now the development of internet technology allows us to communicate over Skype, Viber and other applications.

Taking into consideration the fact that internet is now almost everywhere, why don’t we use the latest technology to perform diagnostic and minor repair service?

We have implemented for our customers a service of remote diagnosis and minor repairs copiers.

Nowadays Skype or Viber support almost every phone or tablet, which enables us to help you remotely. You can not only tell us what is wrong with your printer, but also demonstrate it to a technician of our company. Together with our expert you will be able to enter the menu of the device, see the error codes, examine the machine and pre-assess the damage and make a list of spare parts required for the printer repair.
Sometimes the repair needs a minimal technical involvement. So, you will be able to do it on your own, following the prompts of our technicians in real time.

Sometimes troubleshooting requires entering internal network interface. For this purpose we use free remote access software TeamViewer. All you need is to install this software on a computer connected to your printer. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and the app will run almost automatically. After that you will have to give our technician your ID and temporary password created by the system. It will allow our specialist to log into your computer remotely and set up your printer. You should not be worried about your online privacy. Password is only one session and changes each time you start the program so without your knowledge or participation, no one can log on to your computer. Password is valid for only one login session. A temporary password will change every time you run the program. So no one can gain a remote access to your computer without you knowing.

Modern communication technologies allow not only to remove a troubleshooting response time, but also to make more high-quality initial diagnostics which allows our technician to visit you with the necessary spare parts lists and as a result it speeds up the damage repair process.
In some cases we can together with you repair or set up you equipment remotely. It speeds up the damage repair process and save your money and time.

And lastly: If you have trouble happened and your equipment out of order, please contact us and we will help to repair your equipment in any convenient way for you.
So, if you have any problems with your equipment, please contact us and we will help to solve it in the most convenient way :

Our Skype: VAU-Print Service
Our Viber: +38 (067) 824-18-98
Our phone numbers: +38 (044) 593-16-68; +38 (067) 824-18-98

Software applications links for performing a remote equipment diagnostics:

Skype                                          Viber                                                   TeamViewer

Repair of equipment

If remote diagnostics is not enough, our engineers are ready to come to your place for diagnosing faults and taking necessary maintenance actions. If we can fix things without replacement of spare parts, we will do it on spot. If not, our technicians will calculate repair costs (spare parts including) and troubleshoot your printing equipment in the shortest time possible.

A gear for a printer might start to wear away with the lapse of time. This spare part is unfortunately not always can be ordered independently and comes in the assembly with an expensive gear unit. Our company meets our customer’s halfway by using 3D printing technology to restore a broken gear. It helps to reduce your maintenance costs greatly.

If your printer is not repairable we will write an equipment technical report, help you to write it off from the company's balance sheet and proper utilize it.