Our service is a concept of modern technical thinking.

High-quality office equipment is a guarantee of full and reliable operation of a modern office. But any equipment depends on the quality of installation and configuration and requires competent technical maintenance
Ltd "VAU-PRINT" is your reliable partner that always guarantees a professional and friendly servicing.

We have developed smooth and reliable mechanism to support service and offer a full range of technical support services for multifunctional full-colour and black and white printing equipment, copiers, and printers:
- Consultations via telephone and the Internet;
- Diagnostics;
- Repair;
- Service Contract "All Inclusive" (maintenance with supply of consumables and spare parts).

After a careful study of your workflow, we will make you an offer concerning flexible services customized to your individual needs.
We employ highly qualified specialists only who have passed certified training programs of the manufacturers and are familiar with all minutest details of work with copying machines.
Addressing our service centre, you can also buy original spare parts and supplies at reasonable prices.
We are in constant contact with our customers; it allows us responding quickly and satisfying their needs - so, depending on the type of service contract, the engineer can perform the work even after 6 p.m., and dispatch toner on weekend.

Your technique will work perfectly, because our service is always close to your business.

Audit documentation
Clever Document Flow ("intelligent documentation management")
"VAU-PRINT" company offers a complex product - CleverDocumentFlow (CDF).
CDF is a complex of measures, aiming to optimize workflow processes within the company. They combine:
- Analysis of the current state (stock of printing equipment, equipment usage schemes, types of work, detection of users' needs and wishes concerning optimization, collection of information relating to the operating expenses and maintenance of printing processes)
- Detailed calculation of existing costs
- Preparation of several options to optimize the schemes of equipment placement, a detailed description of business processes and reasoning of economic efficiency of the project
- Implementation of the project (all stages are made by our specialists with followed free of charge staff training)
- Continuous monitoring of all workflow processes. Regular reporting.
- Possibility of operative analysis and improvement of the system
- Full service support, which ensures uninterrupted complex operation of all hardware and software.

Information technologies refer to one of the most dynamic industries in the world. This term includes a wide range of concepts and services. Information services actually involve any service relating to computer technology. Our company provides a wide range of services for the construction, planning and support of various information systems.
The company's specialists will perform works of any degree of complexity associated with setting, prevention, maintenance of the server, network and computer equipment. Our cooperation can be organized based on the subscription service of computers and office equipment, or as a one-time service customized to your needs and requirements.

Subscription service

Subscription servicing of computers involves setting up and routine maintenance. Usually there is conducted the maintaining of a certain segment of the information structure (or the whole structure). Full or partial reconfiguration, hereinafter referred to as the support of system performance. Typically, it is necessary to perform thorough control of the system and, if necessary, make respective alterations. Monitoring is carried out both by an expert, and using remote administration systems. Having signed a contract for subscription computers servicing with us, you save time and money and get reliable protection of your personal information and personal equipment. This type of services includes free visit of the specialist, diagnosis and prevention maintenance of computers, maintenance of local networks, advice on working with the software. In addition, your employees will perform only their direct responsibilities, not being distracted to the setting of workplace and protection against viruses, thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of your company.

Subscription service of LLC "VAU-PRINT" is

Fixed monthly cost of services
Unlimited number of visits
Response time to an emergency no more than 10 minutes
Operational advice by telephone and remote administration via Internet.
Permanent specialist assigned to your servicing
PC Health Monitoring
Quarterly dust prevention for long-term PC operation
LAN Security Organization from various attacks
Purchase of office equipment and spare parts and their support
Installing and configuring of the software


Installing and configuring of Windows
Installing and configuring of programs
Internet connection, setup, connection recovery
Treatment, virus removal, antivirus installation
Development and laying of LAN
LAN setup
Server configuration
Upgrading of laptops, computers