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Due to this intense shortcoming of Western medication cure for neuropathy, many pediatric patients are overwhelmingly interested in cannabis, specifically cannabidiol, as a potential choice for pain management. Nature supplies us with lots of recovery plant chemicals that don’t have negative side effects, and many folks are starting to wake up on that fact.

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For this point, the available medicines for trying to deal with this pain are restricted to anti-steroidals, opiates, and anti-depressants — all hardcore drugs with harsh side effects of their own, and limited effectiveness. It’s almost like the individual is trading a half-cure to be put on more drugs to deal with the painful side effects. My view here, yet this system is fucked up.

It’s likely pertinent to provide a fast history with regards to what is neuropathy. I find it always helps to understand the underlying causes of health problems if you have some intention to address the issue and not just put a band-aid onto it.

Peripheral neuropathy has many causes. At its heart, it’s nerve damage as a result of chronic inflammation in the body. I’ve discussed inflammation length here on the site today, but basically what it’s is your body’s natural warning reaction that’s triggered because of behaviours and incoming stimuli that endanger your health, place simply. Most folks dismiss this inflammation and develop chronic health problems within years of violent habits. It is just after the ailments and health problems arise and getting nagging they seek out a solution.

Neuropathy symptoms may arise because of inflammation related to:

Alcoholism: nutrient deficiencies, anxiety, extra estrogen, and liver complications Autoimmune diseases: These typically develop as a result recommended you read of chronic inflammation that goes unaddressed Diabetes: a great majority of diabetics develop cataract Exposure to toxins: environmental toxins, including pesticides, plastic polymers, and other endocrine disrupting compounds can cause inflammation in the body Nutrient deficiencies: crucial micronutrients are needed for good nerve health, specifically B vitamins, antioxidants like Vitamin E and C, and minerals like the electrolytes Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium Trauma: accidents or traumatic trauma may cause nerve damage that contributes to neuropathy.

These are just a couple of many potential causes of neuropathy, but the most mathematically frequent.

An oromucosal spray named Sativex was approved back in 2005 by the Canadian government to be used in treating neuropathy.

Sativex (THC CBD) was discovered in multiple clinical trials to become extremely powerful in controlling neuropathy pain in MS patients, as well as arthritis.

Historically, and rather ironically, Western hemp extract for pain comprehension of the biological underpinnings of their pain system in the body was initially glimpsed through the lens of studying the crops Cannabis, opium poppies, Willow bark, and chile peppers.

Out of the analysis of those plants — and the naturally powerful medication inherent in these — pharmaceutical companies formulated synthetic, highly addictive, drugs like morphine, codeine, oxycontin.

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